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The versatility of cylindrical polymer battery separator


The cylinder and polymer battery sorter can automatically classify the batteries after being tested by the battery automatic detection platform according to the specified requirements, which has the characteristics of rapid and accurate classification.The 18650 cylinder and polymer battery separator fundamentally avoids the artificial misoperation, misclassification and other unreliable factors in the battery sorting process, improves the quality and efficiency of battery classification, and is suitable for the automatic sorting of large and medium-sized 18650 cylinder, polymer and power battery manufacturers.

The 18650 cylindrical and polymer battery separator has the following characteristics: stable and reliable operation, accurate and fast test, convenient and easy to learn, data can be saved, query, vivid interface, real-time dynamic display, friendly interaction, detailed prompt information and high productivity.

1. Fully automatic sorting of voltage and internal resistance of 18650 battery and soft-packed polymer battery;

2. Fine classification, with multiple gears: 2, 10 and 20, to meet the needs of different customers;

3. The upper and lower limits of the voltage can be set by themselves;

4. According to different models, multiple gears can be set at the upper and lower limits of internal resistance, and the resistance can be adjusted in various ways, suitable for people with various operating habits;

5, high precision, high speed, supporting the use of imported voltage resistance tester;

6. Integrated PC and mature management;PC display, atmosphere intuitive and clear;

7. Professional control card, stable and reliable;High-grade drive, subdivision, high speed;

8, the motor is full and redundant configuration, never worry about the small horse cart to steal materials;

9, imported guide rail, flatness, smooth enough to ensure smooth;

10. The process detection signals are comprehensive and diverse to ensure sufficient maturity and reliability.For example, in less than 1 second when a battery enters the feed tank from the feeding box, there are 7 detection and prompt links such as incoming box detection, stuck material detection, outgoing box detection, slot detection, stuck material detection, accidental double battery detection, slot full detection, etc.

11, friendly interaction, vivid interface, farewell to the industrial machine cold stiff.Prompt information is detailed, novice can understand;

12. Humanized treatment of subtle links, which greatly ensures the safety of operators and products;

High degree of automation, high efficiency, high productivity up to 2000 cells per hour, one machine can replace 6-8 manual;The entire process requires only one operator to batch the battery into the battery feeding mouth, the device can quickly and automatically lower the battery, automatically detect the internal resistance and voltage of 5 batteries, automatically separate qualified and unqualified batteries, and push them into each material tank and automatically move forward without manual work.

The versatility of cylindrical polymer battery separator



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