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Matters needing attention for operation steps of lithium battery separator


Operation steps of lithium battery separator:

A) turn on the main power and the load switch.

B) open the key switch on the master control device.

C) hold down the switch state switch on the main control device to make the working state of the battery sorter PAUSE to WORK.

D) open the computer and run the simulation test program.

Adjust the distance between the sorter's probe and the time slot of the battery being tested. Make the xenon lamp of the sorter flash blank 5-10 times.

Calibrate the sorter with a standard film, and then test and sort the battery. The test stand must be calibrated with a standard film before testing and sorting the battery.Test after finishing cell separation, banning power hybrid mixed of different solar cells, and to divide class 0.1 W. Operators must wear finger set of testing process, don't wear finger sets of test sorting is forbidden, in handling of battery, as far as possible to light, try not to make a battery by friction, lead to damaged minus reflection film.

Battery separation is the first process of battery assembly production and also one of the important processes.

The purpose of.

Try to keep the power of each cell in each component within the design range.

Ii. Precautions:

1. Do not touch the battery with bare hands;

2, when operating, the battery should be light;

3. Calibrate the standard film before starting the test, and use the standard film of different specifications to calibrate when testing the battery film of different specifications;

4. Regularly check whether the equipment is in good condition;

5. During the test, avoid looking directly at the light source to avoid eye damage;

6. Before the battery is unpacked, check whether there is any damage to the outer packing. If there is any damage, take photos and report it.

7. Use up each pack as soon as possible to prevent oxidation.If it cannot be used up, keep it sealed.

Due to the randomness of the production conditions, the battery performance produced is not the same, so in order to effectively combine the battery with the same or similar performance, it should be classified according to its performance parameters;Battery test sorting is to classify a battery by measuring its output parameters (current and voltage).In order to improve the utilization of the battery, the quality of the battery components.

Matters needing attention for operation steps of lithium battery separator



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