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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of spot welding machine of lithium battery?


What are the factors that affect the efficiency of spot welding machine of lithium battery?

Welding current

Since the resistance generates heat in direct proportion to the square of the current passing through, welding current is the most important factor in generating heat.The importance of welding current is not only the size of welding current, current density is also very important.

Melting: refers to the metal part that solidifies after melting at the junction during lap resistance welding.

Low stress

Pressure is an important factor of heat generation in spot welding process.Pressure is applied to the welding mechanical force, through the pressure to reduce the contact resistance, make the resistance value uniform, can prevent local heating during welding, make the welding effect uniform.

Power on time

Electrification time is also an important factor in the generation of heat, the heat generated by electrification through conduction, even if the total heat is certain, due to the difference in electrification time, the high temperature of the welding is different, the welding results are not the same.

● current waveform

A good combination of heat and pressure in time is very important to spot welder, for which the temperature distribution at each moment in the welding process must be appropriate.According to the welded material material and size, make in a certain time flow through a certain current, for the contact part of the heat, if the pressure is slow, will cause local heating, worsening welding effect of spot welder.In addition, if the current stops sharply, the quenching of the welding part will produce cracks and material embrittlement.Therefore, pulses should be added before or after the passage of the main current, either with a small current, or in the rising and falling currents.

Deformation and strain exist in the thick plates and stamping products. In order to make the plates closely combined after welding, a small current is first passed through to warm up before the main current.

For thermosetting or cracking materials, after the flow of the main current, a small current is used for post heat to achieve annealing treatment.

● the surface state of the material

The contact resistance is a factor directly related to the heating of the contact part. When the pressure is fixed, the contact resistance determines the state of the surface of the welding material, that is, the contact resistance depends on the fine metal surface after the material is determined

Bump and oxide film.Fine concavity is beneficial to get the expected heating range of contact resistance, but due to the existence of oxide film, make the resistance increase, will lead to local heating, so it should be removed.

The spot welder is beautiful in appearance, controlled by microcomputer, set and adjust the parameters of the keyboard.This battery spot welding machine USES LCD display to set parameters, accurate and convenient.Microcomputer high-frequency inverter spot welder welding spark is small, weld the same color, welding, welding time is short, can make the heat affected slightly to minimize impact on the intrinsic characteristics batteries, and the spot welding machine for power particularly strong adaptability, welding stress can directly display, the communication with the traditional pulse, capacitor store compared to welding machine, welding after the completion of the surface of the battery will be more clean;High precision welding, more uniform heating;The HD series spot welder has the function of counting workpieces. The number of welds is displayed on the LCD screen in real time.HD series spot welder is suitable for welding of battery connector and hardware.

What are the factors that affect the efficiency of spot welding machine of lithium battery?