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How to control aging cabinet reasonably?



How to control aging cabinet reasonably?Customer friends do you know?The following by the aging cabinet manufacturers staff for everyone to explain, I hope to help you.

1. High precision PT100 platinum resistance, used for temperature collection, high precision of temperature collection.

2. Load control: the load control system provides ON/OFF control and timing control to meet different test requirements of the product.

3. The air conveying system is composed of three-phase asynchronous electronic multi-blade wind wheel and air duct;Its high wind pressure, uniform wind speed, to meet the uniformity of each temperature point.

4. PLC touch screen programming and combination control balance temperature adjustment control system: when the chamber temperature of aging sample increases, start the ventilator to balance the heat output of the sample. Aging cabinet is divided into product area and load area.

5. PID+SSR temperature control system: according to the temperature change in the sample box, automatically adjust the heating capacity of the heating tube to reach the temperature balance, so that the heat heated to the system is equal to its heat loss and reach the temperature balance control, can be stable for a long time, volatile less than +/-0.5℃ temperature control.

The above is about how to reasonably control the aging cabinet of all the content, if there is any do not know the place can communicate with our customer service, we wholeheartedly for your service.

How to control aging cabinet reasonably?