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The general function of battery aging cabinet is introduced


Battery aging cabinet, as the name implies, is an important equipment for battery aging process.The quality of battery aging determines the safety, stability, service life and battery performance of the battery in the actual use process.Therefore, the battery aging cabinet is the core equipment of the battery quality control process.So, what are the general functions of a qualified battery aging cabinet?With the rapid development of new energy today, what changes does the battery aging cabinet have with the past?

Ever aging generally refers to the battery assembly filler is completed after the first charge into place, can have the normal temperature aging can also have a high temperature aging, action is the first time charge after the formation of the SEI film properties and composition of stability, ageing process with electrochemical dynamics of change, is of great help to the stability of the SEI, can promote the electrochemical stability of the system.

With the rapid development of the battery industry, the definition of battery aging has changed quietly.Due to the improvement of battery requirements, theoretically speaking, battery aging is required in the four steps of cell formation, volume division, testing and aging. In PACK assembly line, battery aging cabinet is also required.

Therefore, now said battery aging cabinet is not a specific equipment, but a set of systems, the system runs through the battery production in the formation, division, testing, aging detection process, and mutually different and interrelated.Secondly, the battery manufacturing process of each battery factory is different, and the battery material is different, so that the functional requirements of the battery aging cabinet are different.So, the current battery aging cabinet is customized.

In the actual use process, considering the inconsistency between the production capacity and the market demand, some battery plants have made adjustments in the aging steps, in order to improve the production capacity on the premise of ensuring the quality.The parameters adjusted in each production line mainly include temperature, space, time and sequence, which are designed according to the characteristics of the battery.Battery aging cabinet supporting tray, logistics line and size are also customized according to the battery size.

Therefore, the battery aging cabinet in the traditional sense is no longer applicable in the rapidly developing new energy automobile industry.To keep up with the pace needs to be customized, in terms of cost and efficiency, is the best choice.At present, equipment enterprises are also developing rapidly, and those in the forefront of the industry are moving towards customized services.

The general function of battery aging cabinet is introduced