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What are the common protection ways of aging cabinet?


Aging cabinet, also known as the combustion cabinet, is semi-finished products and finished products are used to BURN-IN to remove unqualified parts and early failure, so that the reliability of the product after entering the market is relatively improved, to ensure that there is no problem with the product, so what is the common protection of aging cabinet?

1. Ceramic fuse: over current protection of heating tube.

2, leakage switch: system overcurrent and leakage protection.

3. Overload protection of exhaust fan and circulation fan.

4. If the exhaust fan in the loading area fails, please cut off the power supply of the product.

5. Under-phase protection of the power supply to prevent the change of phase sequence of the power grid, resulting in the reversal of the circulating motor.

6. Air incinerator: when the surface temperature of the heating tube rises to 100℃, cut off the power of the heater.

7. Indicator light, sound-light alarm device of the buzzer: when the indicator light overheats, the buzzer alarm and the motor overcurrent protection.

8. Overheat protector: when the circulating fan fails or the heater loses control, cut off the heating system and product power supply.

9. When the temperature is stable or exceeds the set temperature, the cooling pipe in the product area is opened to keep the temperature in the product area constant.

10. The system is equipped with smoke alarm device.There are two smoke alarm devices in the product area and two in the load area. When the smoke alarm action occurs, the power of the system is cut off.

The above is about the aging cabinet commonly used protection of what is all the content, if there is any do not know the place can communicate with our customer service, we wholeheartedly for your service.

What are the common protection ways of aging cabinet?