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What are the performance advantages of constant temperature aging cabinet?


Constant temperature aging tank is for high-performance power products such as car adapter, power supply, switch power supply, charger, switching charger simulation, such as a kind of constant temperature test equipment, is one of the important experimental equipment to improve product stability, reliability, and is the production enterprise important production process to improve product quality and the competitive, the equipment is widely used in the field of power electronics, computer, communication, etc.

The performance characteristics of

Consumable MOS module: CC mode (constant current, standard configuration), CV mode (constant voltage, optional configuration);

Microcomputer: fully completed by the built-in microcomputer load parameters setting layers (traditional or set), the output voltage current automatic scanning automatically determine whether qualified (traditional one by one to press switch to check the voltage and current, and the human brain to upper and lower qualified), can set the time switch impact experiment (traditional external time switch or artificial open close by);

Automatic alarm: the built-in microcomputer automatically scans the output voltage and current, and automatically gives an alarm when a bad product is found.In the aging process, the microcomputer automatically detects and determines the output voltage and current of each product. When the output voltage and current of the product is detected to be unqualified, the microcomputer automatically carries out sound and flash alarm, and displays the position of the broken machine on the LCD, thus eliminating the need for manual detection, which greatly saves the inspection time and reduces personnel input.

Automatic impact test: built-in control relay, input power on time, off time microcomputer set, and by the internal relay to control the input power switch cycle switch, to achieve the impact of automatic switching machine;

One car much power: benefit CC (constant current) mode is the pot large power can be used, pot small power does not waste, to achieve large input utilization rate.Model ats-e-196:45W for a single bit, 90W for two bits and 180W for four bits;

Intuitive: large LCD screen LCD communication with people, display and setting at a glance;

Easy to set: microcomputer setting, one key for the whole car.Overcurrent protection: when overcurrent occurs in aging products, the current limiting protector will trip automatically;

Output voltage and current detection methods include manual detection and automatic detection. Manual detection has the function of fixed-point analysis and observation, which is suitable for temporary analysis in case of failure.

Original parallel switch, make module parallel from easy;

Support computer control and monitoring;

Layer board is covered with electrostatic rubber, prevent scratch;

Single side work, layered structure design, load module installation, convenient maintenance and replacement

What are the performance advantages of constant temperature aging cabinet?



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