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The technical key points that cannot be ignored when carrying out aging test in the aging cabinet


With the rapid development of electronic technology industry, high-temperature aging cabinet is widely used in the aging test of new products, which provides a strong test basis for the scientific development and mass production of new products.

When using aging cabinet for aging test, its technical points can not be ignored, for aging test energy saving, control, use has an important impact.

1. The good insulation performance of the high-temperature aging cabinet can effectively improve the energy saving efficiency:

The thermal insulation performance of high-temperature aging cabinet depends directly on the thermal insulation library board, which is actually done by every manufacturer of aging cabinet, but some customers in order to save the construction cost of the two sides of the surrounding thermal insulation maintenance structure, which will also cause heat loss during operation and increase the output of heat added at constant temperature.

Ii. Operation and operation of high-temperature aging cabinet:

Aging cabinet in operation, the circulation fan is must keep running, which is also aging room during the operation of energy loss is relatively large.This aspect of energy saving is more intuitive, whose overall wind motor power is smaller, whose energy saving is higher.

Iii. The high-temperature aging cabinet shall specify the temperature range:

The temperature of aging cabinet should have clarity, cannot say high temperature range at will, cause confusion to the design party, increased the quantity of energy design.

The technical key points that cannot be ignored when carrying out aging test in the aging cabinet



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