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How to discern the quality of ageing ark?


Aging cabinet applies to the computer and other related electronic communication industry, when the purchase of how we identify the quality of aging cabinet?Today small make up with you to understand it!

1. Operation performance and control system functions

The key operation is normal, the display is clear and eye-catching, the print data is accurate, the test process is continuous and complete.

2, appearance

Surface painted parts flat, smooth, uniform color, no spots, bubbles, delamination;Chrome plated parts without burns, chrome thorns, delamination;Black parts uniform color;No obvious bump, dent, rust and burr on the surface of other parts.

3. Instrument accuracy detection

The accuracy is measured by a standard verification device with accuracy 3-5 times better than that of the instrument being tested.

4. Whether the components affecting the accuracy are within the allowable error:

The excess is adjusted appropriately.

5. Safety protection

If the upper limit of measurement is exceeded by 2%-10%, the instrument will stop automatically.When moving parts reach their limit, they should also stop automatically.

The above is for you to introduce the aging cabinet of the content, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to view my company released product information content, if you want to know more, you are welcome to inquire!

How to discern the quality of ageing ark?