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18 battery sorter - level 6

18 battery sorter - level 6
Detailed introduction:

Equipment introduction

Hln-18xf-6d cylindrical battery sorter is a kind of testing equipment for the parameters such as internal resistance and voltage of cylindrical battery.The device has 6 receiving slots, and the voltage and internal resistance can be set arbitrarily on the operating interface.It is equipped with a high-precision voltage internal resistance test system, which can accurately separate the internal resistance and voltage values set by the battery to the corresponding gear. The system can separate 5 good gear positions and 1 bad gear positions.

The equipment can realize the whole box feeding, continuous automatic sorting system, manual material receiving, truly realize the automatic sorting of the battery, the structure of this equipment adopts modular design, easy maintenance, stable operation, is the smallest size of the same kind of products on the market, a sorting machine with high cost performance.


18 battery sorter - level 6


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