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Gantry spot welder - transistor 5000A

Gantry spot welder - transistor 5000A

  • Classification:Gantry spot welding transistor 5000A
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  • Date of issue:2020-03-18
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1. Equipment description:

The welding power control of this device adopts switching mode, which can realize small, efficient and high-output welding.The device has the function of continuous setting of welding current and switching of 64 groups of pre-stored welding parameters, as well as the function of welding detection, which can control the welding quality in real time and ensure the welding quality.The device has the function of slow rise and slow fall of current, and the output function of 2 sections of power.

2. Technical parameters

Part name

Component brand/specification

Device name

Portal spot welder - transistorHDH-LM-JTG5000A

Working voltage

AC380V±10% 50HZ power≤5000W

Conditions of use

The temperature0℃~+50℃    humidity:90%以下

Welding trip


Current range


Nickel layer thickness


Pressure mode


Working gas source


Control frequency


The control mode

1.Current control 2.Voltage control 3.Current and voltage combination control

Cooling way

Forced air cooling

Transformer output

Current 5000A no-load voltage 10.8v

Device rotation rate


The equipment size

650*800*1260(m m )

3. Equipment features:

Welding power control adopts switching mode, which can realize small, efficient and high output welding.

There are three control modes to choose from:

"Current control";"Voltage control";"Combined control of current and voltage".

The adoption of 2-section electrification function is beneficial to overcome the problems of welding coating and to adapt to various technological requirements.

The welding current can rise very quickly, which is most suitable for ultra-precision welding.

Real-time display of welding specification setting, welding current monitoring value and other information.

After comparing the welding results with the parameters of the equipment and determining whether the set value is exceeded, the display and signal of output normal (GO) or abnormal (GN) can be determined.




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