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What is a battery separator


Batteries are widely used in our life. For example, our remote control, toy car and other daily necessities all need batteries to replenish the power supply.There are also specifications for using batteries. Some batteries are large, some are small, some are versatile and some are mandatory.We will use the battery sorter in the specification to carry out the battery sorter classification of different specifications.

One, what is a battery separator

Battery sorters are usually designed in accordance with international standards, the sorter system each communication will have a separate constant current and constant voltage is generally adopted by the module plug and play design structure.At the time of sorting can be unrestricted to delete or load module unit, this function also facilitates some daily maintenance of the system.

Two, the battery separator configuration

Note: this speed is a single internal resistance machine, which can be increased by multiple internal resistance machines according to the customer's demand;Manually put the battery into the fixture box, draw out the bottom plate, the equipment starts to automatically take and feed the material, grab the arm according to the feedback data of the internal resistance machine to be placed into the fixture box of the specified channel.Equipment configuration of channel battery separator: the mechanical and electrical gas control part of the divider for internal resistance test adopts modular design, with high integration, good universality and convenient maintenance.The main actuator is controlled by servo motor with high precision and reliability.The electrical circuit of the equipment adopts domestic and foreign standard control devices and devices, which are easy to maintain and replace.

Although the battery sorter has no direct contact with us in our daily life, we can understand its important role indirectly.

What is a battery separator



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