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High quality lithium battery spot welding machine to see these aspects



There are many kinds of automatic spot welder, resulting in mechanical market chaos, many enterprises in the purchase of lithium battery automatic spot welder will be dazzled, so how to choose and buy high-quality lithium battery automatic spot welder?

A, the price is

The price of any mechanical equipment by region and hardware prices and fluctuations, see the machine alone is also affected by the frequency, the greater the frequency of the machine is more expensive, like some non-standard customized machine customized fixture electrode or automatic modification will cause the price is not the same, basically determine a good workpiece and parameters can be suitable for their own type of equipment.

Two, the choice of their own equipment

Choose what kind of machine after the first choice of the manufacturer, send the workpiece for trial welding, generally speaking, the seller will introduce several different models according to the nature of the welder parts for customers to choose, it is recommended to try each model, according to the results of welding, choose welding efficiency and reasonable price of equipment.

Three, why the lithium battery automatic spot welder and power frequency spot welder price gap

This mainly because the device used by technology and components of the difference is big, the lithium battery spot welding technology and adopted by the components to ensure the welding quality and reduce the loss at the same time, such as energy and energy saving and environmental protection, in order to achieve good results, in addition to using the latest technology is still need to import components, in terms of costs, to a lot higher than the price of power frequency, power frequency spot welding machine applicable for production of enterprise is economic.

Above is how to choose and buy lithium battery automatic spot welding machine, I hope to help you.

High quality lithium battery spot welding machine to see these aspects



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