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18650 lithium battery spot welding machine lead and connect sheet method


The lead-in sheet of 18650 lithium battery spot welding machine is complex. The function of lead-in sheet and connection sheet is to connect the performance of 18650 lithium battery to output, which is mainly reflected in various lithium battery packs. The main methods of spot welding lead-in sheet and connection sheet are as follows:

1. Press the "on" position of the power switch of the double-head pulse spot welder to turn on the power.

2. Confirm that all parameters of the battery equipment have been debugged, and prepare materials and relevant tools according to the parameter setting table on the right.The tools can be used: double head spot welding machine, down knife, pressing jig, hexagon wrench.When debugging battery spot welder equipment parameters must be confirmed with the quality engineering to meet the requirements before operation.When spot welding 18650 lithium battery, the spot welding tension must be paid attention to, and the tension value should be within the quality detection range.

3, pick up a battery, negative extreme bottom up, take a lead piece, lead piece with round hole end outside, lead piece spot welding in the 18650 lithium battery negative extreme middle position.

4, turn the lithium battery pack, the leading piece inside, take a connecting piece, put the connecting piece on top of the leading piece, connect piece spot welding in the battery negative extreme middle position, and lead piece into a straight line.

5. Pick up the other battery, bottom of the negative extreme side up, and spot weld the exposed end of the first battery connector to the middle of the bottom of the negative extreme side of the second battery.

6. Put the battery pack with good spot welding in series on the pressing fixture, press the battery pack towards the middle with force, so that the two batteries are closely combined and the two batteries become a straight line.

7. Clean up the working table after the operation is finished and turn off the power switch of spot welder.

Notes for spot welding of lead-out sheet and connection sheet of 18650 lithium battery:

1. The specification of the lead-out sheet shall conform to the BOM specification of the material.

2, the solder joint must not have leakage welding, virtual welding, Fried fire, obvious burr and other undesirable phenomena.

3. The number of solder joints of each leading piece/connecting piece shall be no less than 6 points.

4, do not make the surface pad fall off, if there is falling off the surface pad to work again.

5. When the copper needle tip of 18650 lithium battery spot welding machine becomes black, use a rolling knife to remove the black spot of the copper needle and then start spot welding again.

6. In case of abnormal phenomena such as smoke and abnormal sound of machine instrument, the power switch shall be turned off in time to stop the machine instrument operation and report to the superior supervisor

18650 lithium battery spot welding machine lead and connect sheet method



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