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Detail number of lithium battery spot welder pressure welding main welding methods


Lithium battery spot welding in the welding before preparing for cleaning that is indispensable, upper and lower two electrodes place frequently, foreign bodies, such as grease, etc., which requires we often clean up, probably in the life, this is a small thing, but may be because it cause we are in the safe use of spot welding machine malfunction, cleaning is very easy, but we must be long to do.The intelligent spot welding machine of bwana lithium battery power check is we have to use spot welding machine, which is an important link in the use of spot welding machine, electric equipment may sometimes have dew electricity phenomenon, and of course our pneumatic system may also have such as leakage phenomenon, so we must be prepared to check before use, so as to ensure the safety of our production.

Spot welder is the main welding method of pressure welding.Resistance welding is a welding method in which the intelligent spot welder with lithium battery applies pressure through the electrode after welding parts are combined, and USES the resistance heat generated by the electric current passing through the contact surface and adjacent area of the joint.The main characteristics of resistance welding are: welding voltage is very low (1 ~ 12V), welding current is very large (dozens to thousands of amperes), the completion of a joint welding time is very short (0.01 ~ a few seconds), so the productivity is high;During heating, mechanical pressure is applied to the joint, and the joint is welded under the action of pressure.No filler metal is required for welding.Resistance welding is widely used and is particularly important in the automotive and aircraft industries, such as the millions of solder joints on new passenger aircraft.Resistance welding has been used in space vehicles, semiconductor devices and integrated circuit components.Therefore, resistance welding is one of the important welding methods.Resistance welding is divided into spot welding, seam welding and butt welding.Here is spot welding only.

1, lithium battery intelligent spot welder is a resistance welding method for welding parts assembly joint, and pressing between the two electrodes, using resistance heat to melt the base metal, forming a welding spot.Spot welding is mainly used for the connection of thin plate, such as aircraft skin, engine fire pipe, automobile cab shell, etc.

2. The main components of spot welder include frame, welding transformer, electrode and electrode arm, pressurization mechanism and cooling water channel, etc.Welding transformer is spot welding electrical appliances, its secondary only one loop.The upper and lower electrodes and electrode arms are used to conduct welding current and power.Cooling water through the transformer, electrode and other parts, in order to avoid heat welding, should first pass the cooling water, and then connected to the power switch.The quality of electrode directly affects the welding process, welding quality and productivity.Electrode materials are usually made of red copper, cadmium bronze, chromium bronze, etc.The shapes of the electrodes are varied, mainly according to the shape of the weld.When installing electrodes, pay attention to keep the upper and lower electrode surfaces parallel;The electrode surface must be kept clean and is usually coated with emery or emery. 

Spot welding process spot welding process is: open cooling water;Clean up the surface of the welding part, assemble it accurately, then send it to the upper and lower electrodes, and apply pressure to make it contact well.Electrification makes the contact surface of two workpieces heated, partial melting, the formation of fusion;Maintain the pressure after power off, so that the molten core solidifies under the pressure to form a welding spot;Remove the pressure and take out the workpiece.Welding parameters such as welding current, electrode pressure, electrification time and electrode working surface size have great influence on welding quality.

Detail number of lithium battery spot welder pressure welding main welding methods



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